Day-long training on TDS and VDS

Training Schedule

Time Topics Resource Person
10-00 a.m. to 10-15 a.m. Registration & Inauguration  
10-15 a.m. to 11-30 a.m. Deduction/collection of Income Tax at source; rates of deduction; deducting authorities; depositing the deducted tax. Consequences of failure to deduct  (Section 57, 30 & 63). Tax collection account number; tax withholding return. Final discharge of tax liability(u/s 82C). Other related issues. Detailed discussion with practical problems and their solution. Mr. Ranjan Kumar Bhowmik FCMA
Member, Taxes Appellate Tribunal
11-30 a.m. to 11-45 a.m. Tea break  
11-45 a.m. to 01-00 p.m. Continuation Deduction of tax at source Mr. Ranjan Kumar Bhowmik
01-00 p.m. to 02-00 p.m. Lunch break Lunch to be provided
02-00 p.m. to 03-15 p.m. VAT deduction at source; applicable areas; rate of deduction; list of deducting authority; rules for depositing the deducted amount. Consequence of failure to deduct. Other related issues. Detailed discussion with practical problems and their solution. Dr. Ms. Nahida Faridy
Joint Commissioner
Bangladesh Customs & VAT
03-15 p.m. to 03-30 p.m. Tea break  
03-30 p.m. to 04-45 p.m. Continuation Deduction of VAT at source Dr. Ms. Nahida Faridy
04-45 p.m. to 05-00 p.m. Certificate distribution  

Who May Attend

Any body who is desirous of gaining a thorough knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of Income tax and VAT laws may attend these training courses. These courses will be particularly beneficial for practicing tax lawyers and VAT consultants as well as for those who are aspiring to enter the profession. These courses will be very useful also for business executives from various levels who are working in relevant fields such as finance, audit, accounting, taxation etc. These courses are carefully designed to give the participants theoretical knowledge about income tax and VAT laws as well as practical training on their application. So every participant will surely be immensely benefited and fully satisfied.

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